Cheaper Motor Trade Insurance

Compare Multiple Deals on Motor Traders Insurance

Cheaper Motor Trader Insurance

At, our top priority is to ensure that you have the smoothest experience possible.

No one business is identical and we understand that, which is why our brokers have exclusive deals covering a vast spectrum of motor trade insurance policies to make sure your business gets the right amount of cover, rather than too much or too little.

Whether your business needs a full policy with extensive cover for things such as premises, public liability, or sales and service indemnity, or you are starting a new venture into the motor trade & only require basic third party fire and theft, are here to pass you onto the right brokers that will enable your requirements to be fulfilled. That’s why we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and quick response time to get you quoted as fast as possible.

  • Our Brokers Offer Up To 57% Off
  • Compare prices amongst some of the most competitive brokers in the market
  • Our brokers can quote you in a matter of minutes
  • Specialist policies to cover high performance vehicles
  • Our Brokers Can Quote Within minutes!
  • Our brokers offer a wide variety of cover
  • Policies tailor made to suit your own business needs
  • Instant cover available – start your policy now!
  • Flexible Payment Plans

Let us help you Compare Motor Trade Insurance

cheap motor trade insurance

Why compare traders insurance through us?

Quickly compare motor trade insurance prices from a vast range of Brokers – it only requires 1 form to be filled!

Here we strive to ensure that comparing motor trade insurance policies is fast, effective and efficient. Our brokers are constantly searching for the best prices to save you money, which is why they are amongst the most competitive in the market place and are incredibly flexible with their policies and payment plans.

Our brokers fully tailor their policy to suit your own personal needs, and offer optional breakdown and personal cover, as well as the option for instant cover, meaning that you can be fully insured within a matter of minutes. is proud of its efficiency when it comes to finding you the perfect quote. We know that finding a policy can be incredibly tedious and drawn out and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

To find out how to add and remove vehicles from your traders policy, head over to askMID.

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Why use Motor Traders Insurance Comparison?

The brokers we connect you with have been providing insurance to traders and other businesses alike for decades. Our brokers have a good reputation for being some of the best motor trade brokers in the country. Working closely with our board of high profile brokers, we constantly evolve to bring you multiple insurance cover options.

We can offer insurance cover for:

  • Road Risk Insurance
  • Combined Motor Trade Insurance
  • Car Trade Insurance
  • Traders Insurance

We work with specialist Motor Trade insurance brokers who cover:

  • Service, MOT and Repair garages
  • Vehicle Body Builders
  • Private and Commercial Vehicle Repairers
  • Part Time Traders
  • Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Agents
  • Vehicle Collection & Delivery Agents
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Body Shops

Why Choose Compare?

  • Our Brokers have exclusive rates
  • We work with specialist motor trade brokers
  • They can often quote within 3 minutes AND cover you instantly.
  • Fast documentation.
  • UK call centre with well trained advisors
  • Flexible payment plans

Motor Trade Help Centre

Traders Insurance Policies Explained

Our brokers cover a wide array of policies:

Third Party Fire and Theft:
Our brokers cover your vehicle in case of theft, or fire. The cover also extends to third party involvement in accidents, not including yourself.

Fully Comp Motor Trade Insurance:
This policy covers the same as our third party fire and theft policy, but it also covers your vehicles even if the fault is yours. This policy can also cover damage or loss to and from a commercial property.

Public Liability & Employers Liability:
Our brokers are able to insure traders for costs that are the result of injury, loss or damage to the public. We can get cover for your employees for any work place accidents.

Sales and Service Indemnity:
Sales and service indemnity provides cover against injuries or any accidental damage to property that may be caused by the sale or supply of products connected with your motor trade business, including buying and selling motors, servicing, cleaning and alterations.


We work with specialist motor trade insurance brokers that cover:

  • Car Sales
  • Service, MOT and Repair garages
  • Vehicle Body Builders
  • Private and Commercial Vehicle Repairers
  • Part Time Traders
  • Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Agents
  • Vehicle Collection & Delivery Agents
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Body Shops brokers have specialist policies for all – Whether you are a first time trader or an experienced veteran

The brokers in which we work with have bespoke and cheap policies for your trader’s policy. This applies to not only experienced and veteran traders, but also part time traders and those seeking to venture into the world of motor trade for the first time.

Transfer your private no claims bonus onto your Motor Trade policy or see if our brokers can mirror your existing no claims bonus!

Typically, brokers will allow a private no claims, bonus to be transferred onto a trader’s policy, though, this usually means that you will forfeit your private no claims bonus as a result. Here, our brokers have the ability to mirror your existing no claims discount if you meet their criteria. It only takes a minute or two to find out whether you could be saving up to 60% on your motor trade insurance policy. brokers

If you decide to compare prices through us, you will have access to a wide range of brokers, allowing you to compare deals and get the perfect quotation without the hassle that usually comes with obtaining a motor trade policy. We work with an extensive board of high profile insurers in order to deliver on our promise of quick service and effective results.

We match your criteria and circumstances with our panel of brokers to make sure that you get the best possible quote – you will be contacted by a maximum of 3 brokers to give you your comparison quotes – so you know that you only need to fill in our one simple form to get enough comparison quotes to make an informed decision on your Motor Trade Insurance policy.