Audi Launch Potentially the Most Luxurious Audi Dealership in Dorset

Audi Launch Potentially the Most Luxurious Audi Dealership in Dorset

Audi Launch Potentially the Most Luxurious Audi Dealership in Dorset

The 6th of July saw the unveiling of Audi’s new showroom in Dorset. The new showroom is one of the largest in the world and cost a staggering £15.4 million to build.

The space of the plot boasts an enormous 65,000sq. ft. of space, and the showroom itself is 8,300sq. ft. The show room is set to display the newest of Audi’s models, and it is reported that 24 of these new model cars will be shown.

The massive amount of space doesn’t seem to be reserved for just the showroom however. There is half an acre of parking space available on the rooftop, and the dealership has its own workshop alongside two complete MOT zones, valet rooms and repair garages.

Furthermore, the showroom its self-hosts two HD display configuration rooms. With a three-lane drive in bay, complete with climate control.

As impressive as all of this sounds, it doesn’t seem to compare with the enormous price tag. But when you consider all the luxury extras that come with the show room, it is easier to understand the large price tag.

Customers can be treated to a full gym, or if they would rather relax then they can choose to visit the showrooms luxury spa and beauty salon which offer customers complimentary treatment.

David Kelly, MD of the centre said: “the expansion of Poole Audi over the last 15 years has stretched the existing Ringwood Road facilities to the limit with 90 employees working in a building that was designed for 30…When we open the doors for business later this year, we will strive to maintain our impressive record for customer ratings in sales, aftersales, parts and accessories – a standard that has consistently seen Poole Audi top the national league of 113 Audi centres.”

Head of business, Mark Lamming also commented on the opening of the new luxury dealership and showroom; “I am delighted to finally introduce the press to the new Audi Centre and also to thank our suppliers. To bring such a significant employment opportunity into Poole in the form of the country’s largest Audi Centre, one that will serve Audi customers to the very highest standard possible for many years to come, is a significant landmark in Poole Audi’s and Ocean Automotive’s journey”.

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