BMW Have High Hopes for Hybrid and Diesel Production

BMW Have High Hopes for Hybrid and Diesel Production

Despite all the negative buzz surrounding diesel vehicles over the past few months, BMW may have shredded a ray of hope on the fuel type, stating that it sees diesel and hybrid fuel-type vehicles leading the brand into the future.

Indeed, BMW believes diesel will play a key role in the future “powertrain line-up” alongside new developments in plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Steve Oliver, general manager of corporate sales at BMW, told Fleet200 “We think diesel is a clear fuel type and powertrain for the future.”

Oliver addressed the recent speculation about diesels environmental issues, and explained that the recent coverage on the issue has neglected to mention that newer diesel vehicles are much cleaner and environmentally friendly than older models, which effectively paints a mistruth on the whole diesel situation.

Oliver continues to explain: “From our perspective it’s very much more about the new Euro6 diesels, how much cleaner they are, with lower CO2 and the way the NoX and soot is now aligned with the petrol engines.

“We see diesel as a strong fuel going further and we have a job to do to support that balance in the marketplace,” said Oliver.

Oliver addressed how different fuel types will serve different types of drivers, stating that the plug-in hybrid technology will massively benefit urban drivers with smaller commuter mileages:

“For shorter urban driving and commuter mileage the plug-in range is perfect. Utilisation of the petrol engine for longer trips makes up only a small amount of the trips.

“Those who do a lot more cross-country or motorway driving are suited to the internal combustion engine – either diesel or petrol.

“We hear lots of stories where people end up in the wrong car and charging cables are left in boots and not utilised. There needs to be a clear commitment in terms of charging them at home or at the workplace.”

It must be recognised that BMW are not willing to sacrifice environmental friendliness, or dismiss emission targets when it comes to the future of their manufacturing – quite the opposite!

Oliver outlined BMW’s emissions targets, which stated that the company hopes to cut its CO2 emissions by half by 2020.

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