Car Production in the UK Accelerates – A 17 Year High!

Car Production in the UK Accelerates – A 17 Year High!

The most recent manufacture statistics report that car production in the UK has hit a 17-year high, with 1.6 million cars being manufactured in the UK in 2016. Indeed, the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers) revealed that in November alone, there was a 12% increase on car production compared to 2015.

This is great news for the UK’s vehicle market, especially over fears raised by the proposition of Brexit. It appears that amongst all the worry, speculation and doubt, car manufacturers have increased production efforts in an attempt to boost the marketplace even further heading into 2017.

Heading into 2017, it may be wise to look to increase car stock in order to keep up with growing demand in a rapidly expanding consumer marketplace.

Some suggest that the rapid expansion of car production rates within the UK may lie within the recent decision to house Nissans Qashqai and X-trail plants in Sunderland, which resultantly secured thousands of jobs at the factories and increased job opportunities in the supply chain for companies that manufacture product parts and materials required for the Nissan vehicles.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said: “Made in Britain is a badge coveted by car buyers worldwide, and these latest figures highlight not just that international appeal but the fact that the UK is a globally competitive place to make cars.

“These latest results are the product of significant investments made over the past few years, but which will continue only if we can maintain the competitive trading conditions that have enabled the UK to become an automotive success story.”

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