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Traders Insurance – why you need cover for legal expenses

Even the most successful and thriving motor trade business can be crippled by a legal claim. We are living in an era where it is not uncommon for claims to be made against your business by others for a vast array of matters. Legal expenses cover ensures that legal claims will not bury your business by covering the costs of legal proceedings. This type of cover could truly be the difference between your business surviving or being crushed by legal claims. You never know when a legal matter arises, nobody every predicts, or purposely searches for legal disputes, but more often than not these disputes tend to arise out of nowhere and can really catch a business, particularly a small business, by surprise.

Combined Traders Insurance

We understand you, the motor trader has probably heard this multiple times, from multiple sources, and indeed may have already read it on this very website. You need to make sure you have the correct insurance policy in order to cover all eventualities that may suddenly appear throughout the year. Indeed, a combined motor trade might be best suited to your business, especially if you own a premises and have employees. What a combined motor trade policy does is put all the elements of your company under one roof, and ensure the whole lot. The main sub-categories of the policy can be broken down into public liability, buildings cover, road risk and employer’s liability.

Generally, one way to decrease the price of your premium is to increase your excess, and if this is done once you are certain of what type of insurance cover you are after then it allows you to start your search for comparison quotes, seeing who can offer you the most competitive quote. This is where Compare shines, they have an extensive brokerage network meaning that they can do all the hard work without you having to lift a finger. Furthermore, will take your details and make sure you are directed to the businesses that will be the most competitive for you, there is no time wasted with a Comparison quote.

Estimates suggest that there are well over 70 small enterprises venturing into motor trade. Whilst some may be veteran business with decades of experience, others may be just beginning their journey into the world of motor trade and if that’s a case, a helping hand is always welcome. are always happy to help you find the right quotation at the right price, all it takes is the completion of our simple and streamlined quotation form which can be found at the top of the page.