New Methods of Theft Target Luxury Vehicles

New Methods of Theft Target Luxury Vehicles

New Methods of Theft Target Luxury Vehicles

New Methods of Theft Target Luxury Vehicles

Gone are the days of thieves’ lock-picking a car door and hot-wiring it in order to steal your vehicle. The Guardian has recently reported an increase in newer methods that involve a lot more technology in order to bi-pass newer cars security systems.

The met police have disclosed that electronic systems hacking has reportedly increased dramatically. Car thieves will now gain access to vehicles by bypassing, or blocking radio signals that are sent from the newer style electronic keys.

The high-tech method of stealing cars does not end here however. The Met have also reported that once thieves have gained entry into new luxurious motors, they will hack the electronics of the vehicle and download the vehicles unique electronic blueprint onto a new key that is blank, allowing them to access the vehicle at a safer time.

Of course, these new methods of car-hacking are not accessible to everyone. Reports of this style of car theft are being linked to organised gang activity. As such, both car dealerships and manufacturers are increasing their efforts to make sure that cars are secure physically and electronically.

Furthermore, The Guardian named the most commonly stolen vehicles in order. New figures that have been published outline that the top three most commonly stolen luxury vehicles are: The Audi S3, the Land Rover Defender and the Land Rover Range Rover. These statistics have been gathered from the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence unit.

So will this affect you personally?

Well, if you are worried about being hacked, or your vehicle being stolen, you shouldn’t get into a fluster just yet. The chances of being hacked are indeed slim, but you must remain cautious, because even though the chances are slim, they are still there and evident.

The best defence against theft is having knowledge about thieves’ methods, technology, and also by arming yourself with the correct Insurance.

Make sure you don’t get caught short. Not everybody expects something terrible to happen but unfortunately sometimes these things can happen. Make sure you understand what your policy provides and what you are covered for in case an incident like this ever does happen.

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