Save Money on your Motor Trade Insurance

Save Money on your Motor Trade Insurance

Save Money on your Motor Trade Insurance

Eager to know how to save a little money on your Motor Trade Insurance before you apply?

We have put together a few bullet points below of what you can do before you apply.

Money Saving Tip #1

Decrease the level of drivers on your policy. By insuring fewer drivers, there is a lower level of risk associated with your policy. As such, better discounts can be applied.

Money Saving Tip #2

Check your level of indemnity. It is important to have a level of indemnity but don’t insure more than you need. You wouldn’t insure a Ford Fiesta for the price of a Ferrari would you? Make sure you have what you need but there is no need to go over kill. By having lower indemnity levels, the potential pay out levels are decreased and as such, the risk associated with your policy is decreased.

Money Saving Tip #3

Apply your private NCB to the policy. If you have a healthy and clean record associated with your Private Drivers Licence, most brokers will mirror that onto your motor trade policy.

Money Saving Tip #4

Be precise with your insurance requirements. If you are a mobile mechanic without premises, then a Road Risk only policy will be suitable.

Money Saving Tip #5

If you have a premises or garage, instal security devices that can help keep you and your property protected. A good CCTV system can alert you or the authorities to intruders. As such, a safe and shutters on your windows can prevent goods being stolen. Installing any form of security will have a positive impact on your insurance as the chance of anything being stolen is reduced and anything that may get nicked has a better chance of being recovered.

You can save on motor trader insurance with

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