Tesla – an Ever Evolving Machine?

Tesla – an Ever Evolving Machine?

Tesla – an Ever Evolving Machine?

Tesla – an Ever Evolving Machine?

It seems strange to talk of cars and operating system updates in the same breath. Cars have always been considered technological, and with every year that passes, gadgets, new sound systems, new types of interior, fuel alternatives and much more become increasingly prominent in the everyday car.

But to speak of Tesla’s new V8.0 Operating system makes us think more of our mobile phones than our cars, its mind boggling to think that the future could lead to us having to “update” our cars to ensure they are the safest they can be.

Owners of Tesla’s Model S and Model X will now be able to enjoy upgrades to the cars safety functions, as the V8.0 update improves the vehicles auto piloting system by adding features to reduce the reliance on cameras and more on radar navigation.

Furthermore, Autosteer will be disabled completely if the car fails to acknowledge safety warnings, meaning that the driver can manually correct mistakes, or take control of the vehicle if they so desire.

However it was not all safety that came along with the cars latest update, some “quality of life” improvements were also added, these included things such as:

  • An increase in voice recognition, which should more accurately detect what a person is saying with feedback being produced on the screen
  • Media player updates which include a more simplified search tool and an access to a wider variety of radio and podcast streaming
  • Cabin Overheat Protection – a climate sensor inside the vehicle will detect whether the temperature is too hot, or cold for pets/people left inside the vehicle, and will change accordingly, allowing for a more comfortable ride, and potentially saving pets lives in the summer months.

Despite the tragic death of Mr Brown in May 2016, when his Tesla crashed whilst being in autopilot mode, Elon Musk, Tesla chief remains positive about Tesla’s autopilot driving and safety. Indeed, Musk stated:

‘I think it will make the Model S and Model X by far the safest cars on the road,’ Musk claimed. ‘I don’t think there would be a car that is even within a multiple of the S and the X’.

It was not too long ago however that Tesla was facing mass criticism over the cars auto piloting system. Self-driving cars have always been a concept of fascination and mystery, but until very recently have remained just that. A concept.

Tesla is one of the first companies looking to introduce the seemingly futuristic technology into the marketplace, but with a fatal crash already occurring in 2016, many believe it may be too soon to put our lives in the hands of a car computer.

Tesla’s update system does provide benefits however; it allows the correction of mistakes, the ironing out of inconveniences and adds a sense of evolution into a machine. Indeed, with the update being free and readily available to all Model S and X owners, cars purchased in 2012 will have the same benefits as those purchased in 2016, meaning that in essence, the longer you own your Tesla car, the safer, more convenient and more advanced it becomes.

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